Swiss Summer School 2002

Preparatory/Upgrade/Refresh Workshop
Eugene Horber

Important: This workshop will be cancelled if fewer than 10 participants have registered by mid-June.

Eugène Horber

Eugène Horber is Professor of Applied Computer Science in the Section des Sciences Sociales, University of Geneva. He teaches social science methodology, applied computer science, and statistics. His research interests and publications are in the area of statistical methodology, aggregate data analysis, and applied computer science (didactical software, hypertext). He is the author of a software package for exploratory data analysis.

Workshop contents and objectives

The purpose of this two day workshop is to offer optimal learning and teaching conditions for the other workshops, i.e. to refresh knowledge and skills that you acquired previously or that need some updating.

The final programme of this service workshop will be established based on the analysis of the questionnaire that will be sent to you after you have sent in your application on the one hand and the requirements of the workshop instructors on the other.

As most workshops will use SPSS for Windows as the main computer package, one aim of this 2-day effort will be to brush up your skills or to help you to use SPSS if you are familiar with other statistical packages.