Swiss Summer School 2003

Erdfelder: Applied Analysis of Variance
and Linear Modelling

Edgar Erdfelder

Prof Dr. Edgar Erdfelder, Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Mannheim, Germany

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Workshop contents and objectives

The workshop will cover the analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental designs with continuous dependent variables from an applied perspective. Among the topics are:

One- and multi-factorial analysis of variance with fixed effects (ANOVA)

We will study and discuss these topics using concrete research problems and both real and simulated data. We will apply most of these methods using the SPSS and the GPOWER computer programs.


Relevant background knowledge

Hays, W.L. (1994). Statistics (5th ed.). Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace College Publishers

Material that will be covered during the course:



You should have some background knowledge in experimental design and applied statistics as covered, for example, in the first one or two years of psychology studies (see, e.g., Hays, 1994; Myers & Well, 2003).


You should be familiar with the SPSS handling (i.e., data input, variable and value labels, data transformations, merging and splitting data files, and the SPSS statistics menu).

In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the GPOWER power analysis program (Erdfelder, Faul, & Buchner, 1996). GPOWER is freeware. The program may be obtained from the web site

A manual is available at:

Bring your own data

I urge you to bring your own data to the workshop so that we can aim at solving the data analysis problems you are faced with. If you are planning to collect data that will not yet be available in August 2001, think about preparing a "simulated data set". In any case, if you will bring your own (real or simulated) data to the workshop, please contact me in advance (preferably by email:, and describe both your data set and the underlying research questions. Please do so as early as possible but not later than August 18, 2003.