Swiss Summer School 2018

SPSS and Statistics Refresher (pre-workshop)
Eugene Horber

Eugène Horber is professor emeritus of methodology at the Department of political science and International relations, University of Geneva. He holds a PhD degree in Political Science and has taught social science methodology (both quantitative and qualitative), applied computer science, and statistics at the University of Geneva. He is the director of the Swiss Summer School (Social Science Methodology); main teaching activities in the past include the Essex Summer School, the Carcassonne Summer School, the PRESTA Progamme (EU programme for South America), Eurostat/TES, ENSAE (Paris) and ENSAI (Rennes). His research interests and publications are in the area of statistical methodology (data exploration, visual data analysis), survey research and aggregate data analysis, as well as applied computer science (didactical software, hypertext) and computer assisted qualitative data analysis. He is the author of a software package for exploratory data analysis.

Workshop contents and objectives

As several workshops will use SPSS or assume skills with SPSS for data preparation and management as as well as some skills with statistics the purpose of this two-day workshop is to offer optimal learning and teaching conditions by helping you to refresh knowledge and skills that you have acquired previously or that need some updating and refreshing. This workshop is highly recommended for all those who need to strengthen or refresh their skills with SPSS and basic to intermediate statistics.

The aim of this two-day effort will be an opportunity to brush up and deepen your skills with data preparation, data management and basic to intermediate statistics using IBM SPSS Software. or learn to use SPSS, if you are familiar with other statistical packages.

During this workshop you will work on your own through a sequence of exercises and guided explorations using an e-learning approach. Depending on your past experience and your research needs, you can spend more or less time on a particular topic. We will be around to provide guidance and help you in case of difficulties.

Topics covered

  1. Data and data management
  2. Statistics refresher
  3. Further topics


You should have some minimal background - even rusty - in statistics and data analysis.