Oliver Lipps and Ursina Kuhn
Introduction to Panel Data Analysis

Oliver Lipps is head of the methodological research programme at FORS and lecturer in survey methodology and survey research at the University of Bern.

Ursina Kuhn is a Senior researcher at FORS and member of the Swiss Household Panel team.

Workshop contents and objectives

This course introduces the structure, data management, and analysis of panel data in general and the Swiss Household Panel (SHP) in particular. Participants will learn to prepare the data for panel analyses, and to apply descriptive statistics and analytical models. After a detailed presentation of the SHP, we will learn how to organise data for different types of research questions which are specific to that type of data. This includes for example creating longitudinal data files, spells, and transitions. Analysis techniques focus on regression approaches (pooled, fixed effects, random effects, first differences). In the afternoon sessions, participants will work on practical exercises either with the SHP data or with panel data of their own choice. There will be time to solve individual problems.


Introductory texts

Books and articles on panel data analysis methods

(Kind of material covered during class)


Experience in statistical analysis of cross-sectional (survey) data is required. This includes experience with statistical software (such as R, SPSS, Stata, SAS) and a basic knowledge of cross tabulations and regressions. In the course, Stata will be used. To accommodate participants who are less familiar with Stata, we will repeat the basics.