Waiting list

Limited number of participants per workshop

The number of participants per workshop is limited; when the number of registrants exceeds the maximum number, your application will be placed on a waiting list. [The current application status of a workshop is shown on the workshop programme page.]

The waiting list will never be very long, as we do not place more than 6 applicants on the waiting list for a workshop. When that limit is reached, applications for that workshop will be closed and registering for it, even for the waiting list, will no longer be possible.

When a place becomes free...

Places become available when another participant cancels his or her registration or if a registrant does not confirm his or her application by paying the course fees within three weeks of receiving the invoice (shorter delays for last minute applications).

When a place becomes available you will be informed by e-mail and the place will be offered to you; you should reply a soon as possible to inform us, if you accept it.


If you have registered for more than one workshop and one of them is still open for registration, you will receive an invoice for that workshop and you will have to pay for it within three weeks. When you are on the waiting list for a second workshop and a place becomes available and you accept it, you will receive a separate invoice for that workshop.

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