Swiss Summer School 2016


Programme/Workshop Descriptions

Instructor Workshop Status Confirmed
Preliminary workshops: August 14-15
Horber SPSS/Statistics Refresher              
Kernbach Visual thinking for researchers* full        
1st Session: August 17 - 21
Jones Multilevel Analysis* Full        
Horber Statistics with SPSS for Social Scientists              
Schmidt/Davidov Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) I              
Lepori Grant proposal writing as a social and argumentative process*              
Lomi/Robins The analysis of social networks              
2nd Session: August 24-28
Gibbert Case Studies: Design, Methods, and Reporting* Full        
O'Reilly Ethnographic Methods*              
Schlüter Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling*              
Estes Experimental Methods: From Ideation to Publication* Full        

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Workshop Application Status: [Explain]
        Workshop open for registration.
        Workshop nearly full; please hurry, if you are interested.
full     Workshop fully booked. You still can register, but you will be placed on the waiting list for this workshop.
closed    Workshop overbooked: You can no longer apply (the waiting list is already too long).

*Workshop limited to 10-12 participants.

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