Books, edited volumes and data related to publications


Books and edited volumes

toit       Value Change in Switzerland (2010) Lexington. (co-edited with Hanspeter Kriesi)
toit        Financing Referendum Campaigns (2009) London: Palgrave. (co-edited with Karin Gilland Lutz)
toit        Domestic structures and constitution-building in an international organization. (special issue of the Review of International Organizations (2007) 2(2). (co-edited with Thomas König)
toit        Policy-making Processes and the European Constitution: A Comparative Study of Member States and Accession Countries . (2006). London: Routledge. (co-edited with Thomas König).
toit        Tax Evasion, Trust, and State Capacities . (2006). Bern: Peter Lang. (co-edited with Nicolas Hayoz ).
toit        Economic Models in Politics and Economics: A Dialogue (special issue of the Revue suisse de science politique) . (2005) (co-edited with Lars Feld).1
toit        Voices of Europe. Citizens, Referendums and European Integration . (2002). Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield.
toit        Nouvelles valeurs et nouveaux clivages en Suisse . (2002). Paris: L'Harmattan (co-edited with Pascal Sciarini).
toit        Altering Party Systems. Strategic Behavior and the Emergence of New Political Parties in Western Democracies . (2001). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. replication material and data
toit        Parties and Party Systems. A Bibliographic Guide to the Literature on Parties and Party Systems in Europe since 1945 . London: Sage (1998) (with Stefano Bartolini and Daniele Caramani).
toit        Staatsreform (special issue of the Revue suisse de science politique) . (1996) 2(2) (co-edited with Pascal Sciarini).

Data and replication material related to publications