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Lauréats des bourses Lombard 2018 - Printemps


  • BAKRI Abdallah - Sciences de la Terre. Inverted valley networks in Sahara as a key analogue to understand geomorphology, sedimentology, paleohydrology, and timescale of the similar landforms on Mars (Egypte)
  • CARLONI Delia - Archéologie. Pottery Prodauction in the Upper Rhone Valley during the Final Neolithic, the Bell Beaker Culture and the Early Bronze Age (3000-2000 Bc): Raw Materials Selection, Procurement and Use. (Suisse)
  • CARRETERO Diego - Sciences de la Terre. Architecture of a distal skarn system: Calamita Fe-skarn deposit, Elba Island, Italy (Italie)
  • HONEGGER Louis - Expression of hyperthermal events in continental settings of the early Eocene Pyrenean foreland basin, Spain. (Espagne)
  • MÜLLER Sébastien - Sciences de la Terre. Non-invasive 3D electrical resistivity tomography of the Strokkur geyser dynamics (Islande)
  • NICATY Chloé - Sciences de la Terre. Multiparametric Characterization of the mud and hydrothermal system in Salinella di Paternò, Italy (Italie)
  • WALKER Samantha - Sciences de la Terre. High Temperature U-Pb Thermochronology of the Proterozoic Basement of southern Madagascar (Madagascar)


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