Heiko Berninger

Email: Heiko.Berninger(at)unige.ch

I was in the working group of Martin Gander

at the Université de Genève


Productive 3D Models of Stellar Explosions

(Supernova-Project in Swiss HP2C Initiative)

Project Partner:

Matthias Liebendörfer (Uni Basel)

  Guess who is me! — In Chengdu, after the DD19.

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Research Interests

  • Boltzmann equation for neutrino transport (and approximations)
  • Chapman-Enskog and Hilbert expansions (asymptotic analysis)
  • saturated-unsaturated groundwater flow (Richards equation)
  • convex minimization and monotone multigrid
  • heterogeneous domain decomposition methods
  • nonlinear transmission problems
  • coupled hydrological processes

Publications (zip)

My former homepage at Freie Universität Berlin