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May 23-28, 2010

Monte VeritÓ, Ascona, Ticino

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How to get there
The nearest airports are Lugano, Milan, ZŘrich and Geneva. From there, the easiest way is to go by train to Locarno. Timetables can be found on

From Lugano to Locarno

Lugano airport is served by Swiss and Flybaboo with regular flights to ZŘrich, Geneva and Roma. From Lugano, regional trains to Bellinzona leave every half hour. You will want to get off these trains about 30 minutes later in Gubiasco where you can change a few minutes later to a train to Locarno. Check the Swiss Rail Timetable (enter From: Lugano, To: Locarno, the date and time) to see the current train scheldule.

From Milan to Locarno

Regular bus service to Lugano is provided by AIRPORTBUS GIOSY TOURS SA (+41.91.8582323) and by Lugano STARSTATION (+41.91.994.8878), see also information on Malpensa website. It the fastest way from Milan to Locarno. A schedule can be found here.
Alternatively, at Malpensa airport you should take the Malpensa Bus Express which leaves in front of exit 6 of Terminal 1, at bus stop 3 every 20 minutes (free shuttle bus service is available every ten minutes between terminal 1 and 2) and which takes you to Milano Central Station in 70 minutes.
From there trains leave (almost) every hour + 25 minutes to Bellinzona where they arrive two hours later. Change to the local train to Locarno which leaves 10 minutes after you arrive in Bellinzona. It will get you to Locarno in another 20 minutes and when you arrive follow the instructions below (from Locarno to the conference center).

From Zurich to Locarno

Trains leave Zurich Airport for Zurich Main Station (a ten minute ride) several times every hour from the train station just beneath the main airport building. At Zurich Main Station change to a train to Bellinzona which leave at 7 minutes past every hour. On odd hours, the trains run directly to Bellinzona in about 2 hours and 16 minutes. On even hours, you can choose among a direct connection in about 2 hours and 47 minutes or a connection in about 2 hours an 26 minutes with a change in Arth-Goldau. In all cases you can enjoy a spectacular train ride through the Gotthard mountains with the world famous spiraling tunnels. In Bellinzona change to a local train to Locarno. This leaves from platform 3 about five minutes after you arrive - don't worry if your train from Zurich is a bit late, the train to Locarno will usually wait for it. The journey time to Locarno is 20 minutes.

From Geneva to Locarno

Most trains take more than 5 hours, timetables can be found on Alternatively there are regular flights by Flybaboo to Locarno.

From Locarno to the conference center

A conference shuttle to the conference center will be available at Locarno train station during 4 hours on the arrival day, times will be published later. You can reach Ascona (bus stop "Ascona Posta") from Locarno train station with bus no. 31, leaving opposite the train station every 15 min. From "Ascona Posta" to Monte VeritA you can either walk (15 min. uphill!), take a taxi for 10 CHF or the BUXI (Bus & Taxi) for 1 CHF at limited times (leaving opposite the Otello Cinema, on the right). You can either take the EcoTaxi (CHF 23.- need a reservation in advance: call +41 91 792 21 01 ) or a regular taxi (CHF 25.-) directly from Locarno train station to Monte VeritÓ .


On Sunday, May 23 we will have two shuttles running between the Locarno train station and Monte VeritÓ 14.20 - 15.00 - 15.20 - 15.40 - 16.00 - 16.20 -16.40 => with a stop at La Perla Hotel 17.00 - 17.20 - 17.40 - 18.00 - 18.40 => direct to MV The shuttle stop location is shown at Further, there will be an additional transport 17.30 La Perla hotel -> MV 21.00 MV -> La Perla hotel From Monday on, there will be transport 1x morning (hotel -> MV) and 1x evening (MV -> hotel), the schedule will be available at the entrance of Monte Verit and at the reception desk of the La Perla hotel. If you arrive before or after the shuttle running hours, you can either book a taxi in advance (Eco taxi +41 91 792 21 01 for 23 chf) or take a bit more expensive regular taxi at the train station.
More information about travelling to Ascona here.

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