Random planar geometry

8-14 February 2009
Eurotel Victoria
Les Diablerets, Switzerland

The goal of the meeting is to discuss recent developments and possibilities for further progress in planar maps, Liouville quantum gravity and Schramm-Loevner Evolution.

Conference materials

A note by Itai Benjamini
Bertrand Duplantier's slides
Bertrand Eynard's slides
Jean-François Le Gall's slides
Frédéric Paulin's notes
List of open problems
Photos of the blackboards during the open questions session




Organizers: V. Beffara (vbeffara@ens-lyon.fr), G. Miermont (gregory.miermont@gmail.com), S. Sheffield (sheff@math.nyu.edu), S. Smirnov(stanislav.smirnov@math.unige.ch)

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