Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda

Conferences that I helped or am helping to organize

To come:

Workshop Groups and Group Rings Theory, Modern Algebra and Applications Lab and Euler International Mathematical Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia, June 2019

In the past:

SMS-DMV Worskhop on Groups and Dynamics: Spectra and L2-invariants, Geneva, September 2018

High-dimensional expanders, June 19-24, 2016, Diablerets, Switzerland

Amenability of discrete groups, September 2016, AIM Palo Alto

Analytic and Geometric Aspects of Probability on Graphs, a program at the Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, Lausanne, July 1 - December 20, 2015

High-dimensional expanders, March 8-13, 2015, Diablerets, Switzerland, The Borel Seminar of the Swiss Graduate Program in Mathematics

Rencontre mathématique pour célébrer les 70 ans de Pierre de la Harpe, October 13-14, 2014, Geneva

Geometry of Groups 2013, March 10-15, 2013, Diablerets, Switzerland The Kervaire Seminar of the Swiss Graduate Program in Mathematics

Parole aux Jeunes Chercheurs sur les Groupes, December 3-4, 2012, Geneva

Geometric and Analytic Aspects of Group Theory, January 16 - May 30, 2012, Institut Mittag-Leffler, Sweden

Geometry, Topology and Computation in Groups,   
Spring school of the Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics;    Les Diablerets, Swiss Alps   7 - 12 March   2010

EU Conference "Boundaries",
TU Graz, June 29 - July 4, 2009 (member of the Scientific Committee)

Groups and Dynamics,   
Spring school of the III Cycle Romand;    Les Diablerets, Swiss Alps   9 - 14 March   2008

Dichotomy Amenable/Nonamenable in Combinatorial Group Theory
AIM, Palo Alto,   October 8-12,   2007

Conference on the occasion of Pierre de la Harpe's 60th birthday
Geneva, Switzerland,   30 September - 2 October   2004

Geometric Group Theory, Random Walks and Harmonic Analysis
Cortona, Italy,   June 13-18   2004

International Conference on GROUP THEORY: combinatorial, geometric and dynamical aspects of infinite groups
Gaeta, Italy,   1-6   June 2003

Combinatorics, Dynamics, Probabilties: Stockholm, 2000