Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda

Research Group

Alex Bishop, Postdoc. PhD from Univ. of Tech. Sydney, Swiss Government Excellence Postdoc Scholarship recepient.

Letizia Issini, Doctoral student, MSc. from the University of Oxford. Recepient of a Swiss Government Excellence PhD Scholarship.

Corentin Bodart, Doctoral student. MSc from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Pierre Bagnoud, Doctoral student. MSc of Excellence Univ. Geneva.

Christophe Pittet , Visiting researcher

Former members:

Grégoire Schneeberger, Dr. Sc. 2022.

Daniel Lenz , Visiting researcher, FNS

Rostislav Grigorchuk, Visting professor, FNS

Aitor Perez, Dr. Sc. 2020, currently at EPFL.

Valeriano Aiello , Postdoc 2018-2020, currently at CERN

Dominik Francoeur, Dr. Sc. 2019 Prix Henri Fehr. Currently at ICMAT, Madrid

Alejandra Garrido, postdoc 2015-2016, currently at the Univ. Aut. Madrid

Paul-Henry Leemann, Dr.Sc. 2016 Prix Vacheron Constantin. Currently at the Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ., Suzhou

Aglaia Myropolska, Dr.Sc. 2015, currently at Cargill, Geneva

Michel Matter, Dr.Sc. 2012, currently at HEPIA-HES-SO Geneva

Agelos Georgakopoulos, postdoc 2011, currently at Warwick University

Martin Anderegg, postdoc 2011-2012

Alexei Talambutsa, postdoc, fall 2011, currently at the Steklov Institute, Moscow

Denis Serbin, postdoc 2009-2010, currently at Stevens Institute of Technology

Oren Dinai, postdoc 2009-2010

Adam Timar, postdoc 2009-2010, currently at Renyi Institute

Daniele D'Angeli, postdoc 2007-2009, currently at Università Niccolò Cusano, Rome

Alfredo Donno, postdoc 2007-2009, currently at Università Niccolò Cusano, Rome

Franz Lehner (TU Graz), visiting assistant professor spring 2009

Yonah Cherniavsky, postdoc spring 2009, currently at Jerusalem College of Technology