To book your hotel

Special conference rates are offered in the Hotels below. To benefit from this discount, please fill out the attached form and send it to the hotel of your choice with the email subject being ABIM 2020

>> If you are willing to share a room but don't know any other conference participants, let us know! We'll do our best to put you in contact.<<

Please note that this year the curling competitions from the Youth Olympic Games 2020 will be taking place in Champéry from January 9th to the 22nd 2020, so we advise you to book your hotel in advance.


Hotels available for booking via the form:


Hotel special prices:

***Hotel Suisse (Welcome reception location) FULL!

  • Double room single occupancy:   CHF 150/night/person
  • Double room double occupancy: CHF 200/night (CHF 100/night/person)

*Palladium (Conference location) FULL!

  • Single room: CHF 100/night/person
  • Double room: CHF 75/night/person
  • Triple room: CHF 65/night/person

**Hotel des Alpes

  • Single room: CHF 110/night/person
  • Double room double occupancy: CHF 160/night (CHF 80/night/person)
  • Triple room triple occupancy: CHF 240/night (CHF 80/night/person)

****Hotel  le White

  • Double room single occupancy: CHF 180/night/person
  • Double room double occupancy : CHF 210/night (CHF 105/night/person)

****Hotel National

  • Double room single occupancy: CHF 190/night/person
  • Double room double occupancy: CHF 190/night  (CHF 95/night/person)

***Hotel Lifestyle Rooms & Suites by Beau-Séjour  - ONLY ONE LEFT!

  • Double room single occupancy: CHF 170/night/person

Auberge « Le petit baroudeur »

  • Variable price depending on the room/dormitory characteristics - please see with them

For any request regarding your accommodation, please contact the hotels directly; the ABIM organizing team is not managing the rooming lists.