Can I edit my abstract once submitted?

Yes, given the submission deadline has not been reached. You can edit your abstract in the Abstracts section.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Each participant can only submit one abstract as main author, but your name can appear on other participants' abstracts (see guidelines).

When do the presentations take place? What is the schedule of the meeting?

All presentations are given in the afternoon/evening from 15:30 to roughly 19:30. The mornings are held free to give the opportunity to go skiing.

What are the poster dimensions?

The dimensions of the panels are horizontal 150 cm x vertical 120 cm. So your poster can be horizontal or vertical, as long it fits the panel dimensions.

How can I get a confirmation of Payment/Attendance?

Once your payment has been confirmed, you can download a PDF confirmation in the Members-My Registration page. A confirmation of attendance will be available after the meeting at the same place.


Why can't I see the Members section?

In order to see or access the Members section your account must be activated by an administrator and you need to log in.