Final Program ABIM 2006

Sunday, January 22


Monday, January 23

Motivation and reward processing

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Christian Buchelstar2.png(Department of Neurology, Hamburg University Medical School, DE)

Gain and loss related value predictions and errors of prediction in the human brain

16:15   Brian Knutsonstar2.png(Psychology Department, Stanford University, USA)

Neural antecedents of financial risk taking

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   Ben Seymourstar2.png (Department of Imaging Neuroscience, University College London, UK)


18:15   Jean-Claude Dreher(Institut des Sciences Cognitives, CNRS, Lyon)

Neural coding of distinct statistical properties of the reward system in humans

18:35   Didier Grandjean(National Center of Research in Affective Sciences, Geneva)

Temporal unfolding of emotional appraisal: EEG evidence for the timing of pleasantness and conduciveness evaluation

18:55   Mark Williams(MIT, Boston)

The effect of selective attention on affective touch: An fMRI investigation

19:15   Stefan Wiens(Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University)

Perceptual awareness and responses to fear and faces

Tuesday, January 24

Motivation and attention control

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Markus Ullspergerstar2.png(Max-Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Leipzig, DE)

Neuroanatomy and dynamics of performance monitoring revealed by fMRI and EEG

16:15   Clay Holroydstar2.png (University of Victoria, Canada)

Reinforcement learning and anterior cingulate cortex

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   Anna Nobrestar2.png(Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, UK)

Where memory meets attention


18:15   Gilles Pourtois(Neurology and Imaging of Cognition, University Medical Center, Geneva)

Time-course of brain activity during change blindness and awareness for faces

18:35   Micah Murray(Functional Electrical Neuroimaging Lab, CHUV, Lausanne)

Auditory sensory-cognitive processing and its impact on multisensory integration

18:55   Colline Poirier(Université Catholique de Louvain Brussels, Belgium)

Visual cortex recruitment by auditory processing in blindfolded sighted and early blind subjects

19:15   Gregor Thut(Brain Mapping Lab, University Hospital Geneva & Beth Israel Hospital, Boston)

Visual awareness without visual input: Neuronal correlates of conscious phosphene perception studied with online TMS-EEG and TMS-fMRI combinations

Wednesday, January 25

Motivation and learning

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Kenji Doyastar2.png(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Prediction of immediate and future rewards in cortico-basal ganglia loops

16:15   Elizabeth Phelpsstar2.png (University of Victoria, Canada)

Reinforcement learning and anterior cingulate cortex

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   John O’Doherty star2.png(Caltech, Pasadena, USA)

Model-based bayesian decision making in the human brain


Thursday, January 26

Updates on Imaging Methods

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:15)

15:30   Klaas Stephanstar2.png(Functional Imaging Laboratory, University College London, UK)

Dynamic causal modelling: theory and applications

16:15   Jean-François Manginstar2.png(Service Hospitalier Frederic Joliot, CEA, Orsay, France)

Morphometry of the cortical folding patterns

17:00 Coffee Break
17:30   Olivier Bertrandstar2.png(Mental and Brain Activation Laboratory, INSERM U280, Lyon, France)

Dynamics of oscillatory networks in human: intracranial and EEG/MEG recordings


18:15   Philippe Schyns(Psychology and Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, University of Glasgow)

Oscillatory dynamics of discrete feature processing epochs in the brain over the time course of face categorizations

18:35   Olivier Renaud(Department of Psychology, University of Geneva)

Test of differences in event related potentials based on simultaneous time and frequency analysis

18:55   Roberto Viviani(Department of Psychiatry, University of Ulm)

Imaging emotional states with arterial spin labelling

19:15   Marie Schaer(Department of Psychiatry & Signal Processing Institute, EPFL, Lausanne)

A new method for measuring cortical folding in a 3D space from MR images