Final Program ABIM 2009

Sunday, January 11


Monday, January 12

Mood and Depression

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:00)

15:30   Philippe Fossatistar2.png(Paris, France)

Functional and structural brain imaging perspective on major depressive disorder

16:10   Thomas Frodlstar2.png(Munich, Germany)

Longitudinal brain imaging in major depression

16:50 Coffee Break
17:20   Ralf Schlösserstar2.png(Jena, Germany)

Cognitive and affective control: Functional neuroanatomy and disruptions in depressive disorders


18:15   Matthias Mueller(Leipzig, Germany)

Biased competition for processing resources between a foreground task and emotional background pictures

18:30   Annekathrin Schacht(Berlin, Germany)

Does processing of emotional facial expressions depend on central resources? Evidence from event-related potentials (ERPs)

18:45   Tali Sharot(London, UK)

Generating expectations of pleasure and pain

19:00   Marie-Laure Welter(Paris, France)

Neuronal activity of the subthalamic nucleus in obsessive compulsive disorder

Tuesday, January 13

Sleep and Memory

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:00)

15:30   Michael Czischstar2.png(Munich, Germany)

fMRI in sleep research

16:10   Reto Huberstar2.png(Zurich, Switzerland)

Sleep and synaptic homeostasis

16:50 Coffee Break
17:20   Philippe Peigneuxstar2.png(Brussels, Belgium)

Memory slave to the rhythms: processes of memory consolidation across the sleep-wake cycle

POSTER SESSION (18:15-20:00)

Wednesday, January 14

Neural Network Dynamics

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:00)

15:30   Leon Deouellstar2.png(Jerusalem, Israel)

On the dynamics of saccadic eye movements and measurement of induced gamma band response

16:10   Charles Schroederstar2.png(New York, USA)

Neuronal oscillations as instruments of sensory selection

16:50 Coffee Break
17:20   Arno Villringerstar2.png(Leipzig, Germany)

Neurophysiology of somatosensory processing


18:15   Martin Desseilles(Geneva, Switzerland)

Abnormal neural filtering of irrelevant visual information in depression

18:30   Yana Heussen(Lübeck, Germany)

Neural correlates of agency judgement in virtual communication

18:45   Pascal Vrticka(Geneva, Switzerland)

Differential brain activation during regulation of social and non-social emotions

19:00   Johanna Kissler(Konstanz, Germany)

Intentional forgetting and remembering of angry and neutral faces – an ERP study

Thursday, January 15

Representation of Self and Other

INVITED TALKS (15:30-18:00)

15:30   Arnaud D'Argembeaustar2.png(Liège, Belgium)

Neurophysiological studies on the subjective experience of pain

16:10   Henrik Ehrssonstar2.png(Stockholm, Sweden)

Multisensory mechanisms of body ownership

16:50 Coffee Break
17:20   Jason P. Mitchellstar2.png(Cambridge, USA)

Using self to understand others: fMRI studies of mentalizing


18:15   Céline Cappe(Lausanne, Switzerland)

Behavioral and electrophysiological correlates for selective integration of auditory-visual looming cues by humans

18:30   Gareth Gaskell(York, UK)

Consolidation of form and meaning in the acquisition of novel words

18:45   Lars Muckli(Glasgow, UK)

Cortical network (including V1) for the prediction of natural visual scene movements

19:00   Guy Orban(Leuven, Belgium)

Advanced retinotopic mapping of the human visual system