International Hypothermia Registry (IHR)

Dear Colleague,

As you well know, transient mild hypothermia is common and usually without consequences for the brain or other organs. However, prolonged deep hypothermia (body temperature <28°C) due to accidents is relatively rare and usually associated with premature death due to cardiopulmonary arrest and can be successfully resuscitated by CardioPulmonaryBypass (CPB/ECMO) rewarming. In addition, fatal outcomes from such accidents are under-reported but much could be learned from such cases. We therefore created an International Hypothermia Registry (IHR) to improve outcome of deep accidental hypothermia victims.

At the 2nd International Symposium on Accidental Hypothermia in Zermatt in 2009, the beta version of the IHR was first presented.  The final version is online since January, 2011.

Currently, we have about 50 centres that are registered with the IHR.  I would like to ask you, or any other centres involved with hypothermia victims, to contact us for registration.  We have prepared the attached Registration Form which we should receive in order to give you a user ID and a password.  Please also state the role you are seeking in the IHR. For more details please consult our web-site:

The success of this Registry is depending on you.  Data retrieval, analysis and publication can only be made by the International Working Group on Accidental Hypothermia (IWAH).  However, each centre is free to access and publish its own data.

I therefore would like you to consider joining this common scientific effort in the hope of gathering enough patient data worldwide, followed by a peer-reviewed analysis, to establish new consensus guidelines for the treatment of accidental hypothermia victims.

Looking forward to hearing from you and with best regards.

Yours sincerely,

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Beat Walpoth, MD