A special issue on tellurium: ‘Tellurium in Biological and Environmental Systems: After Fukushima’ has been published in the journal Environmental Chemistry (July 2019). The articles in this issue are briefly commented here. The issue includes several review-type articles that give a comprehensive account of current knowledge on the element:

- Tellurium in the environment: current knowledge and identification of gaps.

- Tellurium radionuclides produced by major accidental events in nuclear power plants.

- Losses and environmental aspects of a byproduct metal: tellurium.

- Tellurite-dependent blackening of bacteria emerges from the dark ages.

- The aqueous chemistry of tellurium: critically selected equilibrium constants for the low-molecular-weight inorganic species.



- A Research Front of Environmental Chemistry will be published soon. Editors: Ishai Dror, Montserrat Filella and Dario Omanovic.

- EU COST Action TD1407 is finished. Information about activities at:


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