Required Certificate of admission

When a Certificate of admission in the field applied for at UNIGE is required (according to the "guide"), you must provide certification that you obtained entry into such a program at a university (recognized by UNIGE) in the country where the secondary studies diploma was earned.

Example: An applicant applying for a Bachelor’s program in mathematics must provide, if the Certificate of admission is required, a certificate of admission to a Bachelor’s program in mathematics at a university recognized by UNIGE in the country where he or she earned their upper-secondary studies diploma.

Faculty-specific requirements

For the Bachelor’s Degree in Multilingual Communication at the FTI: this attestation is not required except in cases where, as stipulated in the enrollment conditions, it replaces an average below our requirements (e.g., in Germany).

For the following Bachelor’s programs at UNIGE, disciplines similar to those of the Bachelor’s program applied for are accepted:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Theology: Certificate of admission to a program in Theology or Human Sciences.
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations (BARI): Certificate of admission from one of the following fields:
    • International Relations
    • Law
    • History
    • Political Science
    • Economics
    • Sociology
    • Geography

Please note: given the interdisciplinary nature of the BARI, a certificate of admission to any other field of study/program recognized by UNIGE will also be accepted.

Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Service Science at the Computer Science Centre (CUI): Certificate of admission for a program in computer science or IT systems.