Procedure (for new applicants)

Before you begin the enrollment procedure, please use the "guide" to find out about the conditions of enrollment, deadlines, documents to provide, etc.

compte.pngStep 1: Ask for an access code

If you fulfill the enrollment conditions and are within the deadline, click on the online enrollment access. You will have to enter a user name (login= your e-mail address) and a password, which will permit you to begin the enrollment procedure. If you have already created an account, go to Step 2.

formulaire.pngStep 2: Complete the online application for enrollment

Clic here to go to the online application form presented in a series of dialogue windows.

Confirm your enrollment application when you have entered all requisite information. Print twice the completed enrollment application form which includes the list of the documents to be submitted to us.

carte.pngStep 3: Pay the enrollment fee

The payment must be made online as soon as the enrollment application has been confirmed.

  • Click on “ Method of payment for applicants with foreign or international diplomas” and follow the instructions.

To return to the payment page:

  • Return to the ORISIS page and enter your username and password.
  • Click on " Formalities required for completion of the application”
  • Then on " Method of payment for applicants with foreign or international diplomas”
  • Follow the instructions

dossier.pngStep 4: Assemble an enrollment file

The various documents to be included in your enrollment file are indicated when using the "guide" (or see the general checklist). They are also listed at the end of the enrollment application form. You must include all documents indicated or account for their absence. Incomplete files will not be considered, and the University will not enter into correspondence with applicants. Under no circumstances should candidates submit original degree certificates.

  • In addition to the application for enrollment, completed application forms have to be submitted (if required by the faculty/school) along with all required documentation form. They will only be considered in association with an application for enrollment.
    • Application for equivalencies (Bachelor's degree programs only)
    • Admission to master's programs (one file per master applied for)
    • Admission to complementary certificates (one file per certificate applied for)
    • Admission to doctoral programs (one file per PhD applied for)

courrier.pngStep 5: Submit your enrollment file

Candidates must submit their complete files by post to:

Service des admissions

Rue du Général-Dufour 24

1211 Geneva 4


Deadlines : the application file must be postmarked by the set deadline (see above under "Deadlines").

The sooner you submit your file, the greater your chances of a speedy response. The application must be submitted by the relevant deadline regardless of whether the candidate for enrollment has received the degree necessary for enrollment to the University by that date. As soon as their file has been received, candidates will be sent confirmation of receipt by post or e-mail.


Processing of your application, and admission decisions

  1. When your enrollment application arrives at the Admissions Office, an email will be sent to you confirming that it has been received. Please note that postal mail from outside Europe can take several weeks to arrive in Geneva.  

IMPORTANT: UNIGE uses the generic email addresses “” and “” to communicate with you. Please add these addresses to your contacts to ensure that messages from these addresses will not end up in your spam/junk mail folders. However, please note that it is not possible to send email messages to these generic addresses. You will need to log into the online platform: (then click on "Ask us a question"). Whenever corresponding (by post or via our platform) with the University during the enrollment process, you must always cite your last name and first name, your identification number and the Faculty/School/Institute of your choice.

If you change your postal address or email address, please inform us as soon as possible via our online platform: (then click on "Ask us a question").

  1. Please regularly check your postal mail and email for our reply, which will be sent once we have analyzed your file.
    • If your application is accepted (sometimes with conditions), you will receive an email with a Confirmation of enrollment form as an attachment (in French, and in English). In certain cases, if your file has been submitted to a Faculty or Institute, you will also receive an admission letter from them. This letter will specify any conditions you must meet in order to confirm your enrollment. If your candidacy has been accepted conditional upon the successful passing of an exam or French test, or of ECUS exam , you will be informed accordingly and provided with registration forms.
    • If your application is rejected
      • because you do not meet the enrollment requirements, you will receive notification by registered mail from the Admissions Office;
      • because you do not meet the admissions requirements of the Faculty/Institute/Center/School, you will be notified by the  Faculty/Institute/Center/School.

Foreign candidates

As soon as you have received the Confirmation of Enrollment, if you require a visa to enter Switzerland you must contact the Swiss representation in your country (the process takes roughly 12 weeks). Even if you are not a citizen of a country subject to visa requirements, you must initiate the process of requesting a residence permit before arriving in Switzerland by filling out an application at the diplomatic authority closest to your place of residence.

confirmer.pngStep 6: Enroll during the enrollment period

On the reverse of the Confirmation of Enrollment you will find all information necessary for completing enrollment as of the beginning of September (Autumn semester) / beginning of February (Spring semester) in Geneva during the enrollment period. You will have to make an appointment in the given enrollment period (usually the three weeks preceding the beginning of the semester).

Once you have obtained your student visa, if necessary, you must come on the date of your appointment to the hall of the Uni Dufour building (Rue du Général-Dufour 24) with the documents indicated on the Confirmation. You will specifically be asked to supply: your Confirmation of Enrollment; the original of your secondary school-leaving diploma (if applying to a bachelor's), the original of your university diploma (if applicable); an address in Switzerland, or in the neighbouring regions of France, valid during your studies at the University.

When all formalities have been completed, you will receive:

Enrollment will be refused if:

  • the documents listed above are not in order;
  • the required entrance exam has not been successfully passed;
  • you have not finished or passed the required final year of high school or university;
  • the conditions indicated on your Confirmation of Enrollment have not been met.

For certain candidates from non-EU countries, a refusal of enrollment may constitute an obligation to leave Switzerland.

Candidates who are unable to enroll during the enrollment period on the dates indicated for reasons beyond their control are asked to contact the Admissions Office: (then click on "Ask us a question").