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Selecting a letter sequence within keyword list

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Facultatively, linking two such searches, with a boolean AND operator)


Search strategy: free text search within indexing words by entering the first few letters of a word: these will be read like a truncated word, and all citations having keywords with such a string in the database will be retrieved. Typing an optional second term in the next window automatically performs a Boolean AND operation with the previous list obtained using the first term, and thus finally provide a more selective list of citations Example: write 'heart' and the set of keywords {heart-diseases, heart-valve-diseases, heart-rate.} is readily selected.

Example: type 'energy' and -among other terms-bioenergy$, energy-medicine$ appear as important indexing terms in modern alternative medicine (selecting more than one keyword at a time linked with an OR statement is not possible).

Notes paragraph: in this third paragraph of the result list, one may find sometimes (ie: when a paper's conclusion purports more than what the title actually indicates) a small condensate of the paper's conclusion. In addition, some subsequently published articles treating nearly the same subject are noticed in the same paragraph, by giving title, source and again a tiny abstract if appropriate to confirm, infirm or add up to the initial citation. Effort has been made to define terms as much as possible, so that learning can be facilitated for those who like to inquire outside their field of proficiency. Care should be taken that only a '*' sign separates different citations within this field (other text formatting configurations have been lost in the process of website design)

Plant names: a botanical name is double, to indicate both genus and species. However, we have indexed articles using the Latin genus name only (often in association with the keyword 'plant-extracts') Example: to retrieve for example rosemary, use Rosmarinus, or for ginseng use Panax.

German accentuated characters: If you are looking for german accentuated characters, please enter them whith an "e", eg.: "Sjoegren" instead of "Sjögren"