We are willing to organize a Post-Doc Day as an opportunity for all the Post-Docs of the University to meet, listening to great talks and have a common day all together! This day will probably be held at the University in Sciences II and III the 17th of May. We'll let you in touch !

Postdoc Day 2022 at UNIGE 5th edition


date: Thursday JUNE 9th 2022

The Postdoc day will take place in an in-person format at UNIGE.


To obtain more details about the meeting, please visit our designated page

1.     Participating audience

~150 people, mainly from the Faculty of Science, including: 

- Postdoctoral researchers

- Group leaders from UNIGE

- Invited External Speakers

- PhD, Bachelor and Master UNIGE students

2.     Location of the meeting

The UNIGE Postdoc day will take place in Switzerland, within the University of Geneva campus, at the Faculty of Sciences.

3.     Format of the meeting

One full work day, including:

- 3 Keynote Sessions

- Session focused on postdoc career: Academic vs Non-Academic Career - Possibilities and Opportunities ? Let's talk to UNIGE alumni, where did they go?

- Talks given by Postdoctoral researchers from the University of Geneva

- Poster Session

- Image competition