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Evacuation instructions

Be prepared!

If a fire or other type of emergency occurs in the building, you may be in danger. You need to know how to evacuate a building safely BEFORE such an event occurs. There are specific instructions you need to follow for each different building. A member of the administration, head or delegate of the STEPS team will be in charge of evacuating the building. They may act on the advice of the official head of rescue operations or the police.

What to do if you have to evacuate a building:

  1. Follow the instructions you have been given
  2. Help other students or staff members if necessary
  3. Close all windows and doors
  4. Head to the nearest exit or emergency exit
  5. Distance yourself from the building and head over to the gathering place

What to do when evacuating a building (poster)  


Emergency exits

Sortie de secours

How to use the emergency push buttons

It is possible that the emergency exits will be locked outside of the University’s opening hours.

You may need to use the emergency push buttons to exit the building. During evacuation drills, we recommend that you practice using the emergency exits and push buttons.

How to use the emergency push buttons (video)


Gathering places

The gathering places for each building are posted in the hallways. For large buildings such as Uni Mail, Uni Dufour, Sciences 2 and 3 and the CMU, the gathering place is marked by the following symbol:

Rassemblement pictogramme

In the event of an emergency, the members of the evacuation team will ensure that everyone in the building is evacuated. You will be able to identify them by their yellow vests.

Once everyone is evacuated, the evacuation team will direct the crowd to a safe distance from the building to minimize the danger of flying debris and avoid interfering with rescue services.

The head of evacuation services will inform rescue services of the evacuation status.

Once the evacuation is complete, no one is allowed to re-enter the building until instructed to do so by the head of evacuation services, with the agreement of the head of official rescue services.

Procedure to evacuate a building – Memento 0127