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Theft or assault

Dial 117 for the police

Report the incident using our online form

By filling out the online form, you can help improve security conditions at the university and prevent theft. That way, everyone will feel safer around the university.

We need to be aware of the circumstances surrounding each incident in order to target crime, identify areas in which we can improve safety in the workplace and implement preventive measures.

Each report will not necessarily be dealt with individually. We will use the reports to take action at a global level.

Any information you submit remains strictly confidential and will only be used internally. We only ask for your e-mail is so that we can contact you if we require any further information.

The police may ask us to provide information on incidents such as serial theft, but the information will only be released in the form of statistics and will remain anonymous.

Please note that reporting an incident through the online form is not the same thing as filing a complaint with the police. If you know who the perpetrator is, you need to file the complaint within three months after the incident. For more information, refer to the following pages:

What to do in the event of theft or damages

What to do in the event of an assault

What to do in the event of a near-miss accident or accident without injuries

If you have any questions, contact us at: steps(at)

What to do in the event of theft

Most of us have been affected by theft, whether directly or indirectly. Sometimes the consequences can be serious. For example, a student might lose all the content on their laptop.

The University building are open to the public. Most are situated in the city center and are subject to petty crime. You may feel safe at the University, but all it takes are a few seconds for a professional criminal to grab a wallet, cellphone or laptop that has been left unattended.

If you witness a theft, contact our internal security service at 1222 to report the incident, following the procedure outlined in the document below:

How to report a theft (Ref. 0074)

What to do in the event of an assault

No one can say for sure what the best way is to defend yourself or someone else in the event of an assault. It all depends on the situation and the mental and physical condition of the victim and the assailant. Think carefully before taking action in such a situation.

Call emergency services if possible. If you need to buy time and you don’t see any other way out, try to negotiate with the assailant. Keep calm and don’t put your life in danger by making any reckless moves.

Our recommendations:

  • In the event of a serious assault where the victim is in danger (act of violence) :
    • Call 117, get someone else to call, or go to the nearest police station
    • Take note of any information that may be useful to police, such as a description of the assailant, the direction in which they have escaped, their means of transport and the contact information of any witnesses.
    • Geneva police website
  • In the event of an assault that doesn’t pose a serious threat to the victim (rudeness, aggressiveness, theft or vandalism), call 1222 (internal line) or 022 379 1222 (external line) immediately. Give the operator the following information:
    • your name
    • the exact location of the incident
    • the nature of the incident
    • a phone number, if possible

Follow the instructions of the 1222 operator. A security guard or member of the standby security team will be sent out to the location.

Here are the steps that you need to take to report an assault: How to report an assault (Ref. 0105)