Search Tips


To do a basic keyword search, type in:

  • one or several keywords separated by a blank space, without quotation marks, e.g.: bouchardy cancer risk 2017
    or Domain specific unification grammar.

The search engine will look very broadly into every indexes. Plural are reduced into singular, uppercase into lowercase in order to retrieve as much results as possible.

The only parameter that can be modified is the possibility to search into the fulltext.

Adavnced Search

Advanced search allows combining several keywords, using Boolean operators and refining the query. You can search by title, author, abstract, date, full text, etc., using Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.

  • AND = default operator for basic search, retrieves records containing all terms
  • OR = operator used to broaden the query, retrieves records containing either one or more terms
  • NOT = excludes records containing the second term.
Example : economy AND (management OR marketing)

It is possible to use wildcards to extend search capabilities.

Use of wildcards:

  • a question mark (?) replaces one character (several ?? may be used), e.g.: organi?ation → retrieves organization and organisation
  • an asterisk (*) replaces zero, one or several characters, e.g.: entrepr* → retrieves entrepreneur, entrepreneurial, etc.

A question mark (?) can be used at the beginning, inside or at the end of a search term whereas the asterisk (*) is used either inside or at the end of a search term.


When filtering search by "Language", the ISO language code must be used, e.g. "fre" for French. Here is the list of main languages:

  • French → fre
  • German → ger
  • English → eng
  • Arabic → ara
  • Armenian → arm
  • Chinese → chi
  • Greek → gre
  • Hebrew → heb
  • Italian → ita
  • Japonese → jpn
  • Portugese → por
  • Romanche → roh
  • Russian → rus
  • Spanish → spa


You can also specify a query by using filters by date, by institution (only the publications of the University of Geneva) or by full text (excludes bibliographic records with non-indexed full text).

Browse by...

Navigation by author displays either an alphabetic list of the authors and/or all the publications of one author.

Navigation by academic structure A keyword search by index displays all the documents concerning one of the academic structures (faculty, section, and department).