Doctoral Thesis

The awarding of the diploma and the use of the title of doctor of the University of Geneva are only possible after the deposit of the final version of the thesis in electronic format in accordance with the Institutional policy Directive sur le dépôt et la diffusion des documents scientifiques dans l’Archive ouverte UNIGE.

Submit your Thesis

After acceptance, and once all the requested corrections are done, the secretariat of the faculty gives the new doctor an imprimatur.

In Archive ouverte UNIGE, the doctor must deposit:

  1. the electronic version of the thesis
  2. the signed imprimatur
  3. the signed mode de publication (only for the Science Faculty!)

Attention, an abstract of 150 words must be entered in the web form during the deposit process. Prepare it beforehand, and make a scan of the imprimatur and the "mode de publication". For thesis written before 2010, we also request a simple authorization form.

Printed copies of the thesis are no more required (from 20th June 2022), but is always possible at the Bibliothèque de Genève, Dépôt légal, Promenade des Bastions 8, 1205 Genève.

For more information, please read our Frequently asked Questions (in French). You can also send us an email: archive-ouverte-theses(at) We answer to telephone calls Monday to Friday morning (022 379 92 02).

Sign the contract

As the University has adopted the electronic signature for a number of documents, the signature of the Contrat de dépôt, d’archivage et de diffusion électroniques d’une thèse universitaire is done online (see a specimen in French or an English translation).

Concretely, in the days following the deposit of your thesis, you will receive an email from DocuSign inviting you to complete and sign electronically a dissemination contract for your thesis.

You will have access to this contract at all times on the DocuSign platform.

Get your Diploma

Once these steps have been taken, your file is sent to the University's Degree Office, which will send you your doctoral degree by registered mail. We cannot answer any questions regarding your degree. Please, contact them diplomes(at)

Frequently asked Questions

Our Frequently asked Questions page (automatic translation) covers different matters as "Electronic submission", "Copyright", "File preparation" and other technical points.

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