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The awarding of the diploma and the use of the title of PHD/MD or DAPS of the University of Geneva are only possible after the deposit of the final version of the thesis files in electronic format in accordance with the Institutional policy (Directive sur le dépôt et la diffusion des documents scientifiques dans l’Archive ouverte UNIGE), articles 13 and 14.

Submit your Thesis

Once the thesis has been accepted by the relevant authorities and any necessary corrections have been made, the author must submit the following documents in electronic format Archive ouverte:

  1. the electronic version of the thesis and its appendices (one or more files);
  2. for PHD/MD, a scanned version of the imprimatur issued by the faculty and signed by the dean;
  3. for PHD from the Faculty of Science, a digital version (scan) of the mode de publication signed by the dean and the thesis supervisor.

Delivery of printed copies is no longer required but remains possible at the Bibliothèque de Genève, Dépôt légal, Promenade des Bastions 8, 1205 Geneva.

During the deposit process, a short abstract of 150 words must be entered.

Sign the contract

As the University has adopted electronic signatures for a number of documents, the signature of the Contrat de dépôt, d’archivage et de diffusion électroniques d’une thèse universitaire is done online. A sample contract in French (or an English translation - v2010) is available for information purposes.

In the days following the deposit of the required documents, the author receives an email from DocuSign inviting him or her to complete and sign the electronic distribution contract for his or her thesis. A different procedure exists for theses submitted before 2010, which are subject to a simple autorization of diffusion.

Get your Diploma

When the deposit is completed, the file is automatically transferred either to:

  • the University's Degree Office which will send the diploma by registered mail to the PHD/MD students;
  • or the programme director at the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education which will send the diploma by registered mail to the DAPS students, or hand it over at a graduation ceremony.


The Frequently asked Questions section (in French) attempts to answer most common questions. If a question is not answered satisfactorily, please send the request to archive-ouverte-theses(at) We also answer the phone in the mornings, Monday to Friday (022 379 92 02).