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New repository platform for the UNIGE Open Archive!

The repository interface of the UNIGE Open Archive is getting a new look!

Started in spring 2020, the Archive's redesign project has reached an important milestone with the opening of the new repository interface to the public. Many new features and improvements have been made compared to the current version. However, the current version will remain available for several more weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Among the new features, you will find :

  •     A personal space for each author and submittor
  •     Automatic retrieval of the full text when it is available
  •     The possibility to create batch deposits
  •     The ability to save a deposit in progress and return to it later
  •     Easier management of research structures and groups
  •     Easier identification of UNIGE authors
  •     Customizable notifications

Discover this new platform now on!

The consultation interface will be reworked and the new version will be available in 2022. You will find more information about the progress of the redesign project on

We hope that this new repository interface will meet your needs and expectations. Do not hesitate to send us your opinions, comments, possible bugs or any other suggestion for improvement using the contact form.

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September 21, 2021
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