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The Library, a place for me...and for others

The UNIGE Library is a place of study and personal work, but also a space for meetings and exchanges. Every day, it welcomes several hundred people, students, teachers, the general public, etc.

Being disturbed while studying by noisy discussions, smells of food or coffee spilled on your documents, finding a table crowded or discovering that all the work places are reserved for other people who are not there... Who has never seen or experienced one of these situations?

In its new campaign, rather than insisting on what you can or cannot do in the reading rooms by repeating the rules, the Library team has chosen another approach: to illustrate, in the form of cartoons, real-life situations in which everyone can recognize themselves. To do this, they worked with the Swiss illustrator PH. Parisod (@phparisod).

The message conveyed The UNIGE Library, a place for me...and for others. It's a call for kindness, common sense and respect.

Living together implies an unspoken rule, that of taking responsibility for one's own behaviour.

The whole team is looking forward to welcoming you...and the others.





May 9, 2022
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