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How to avoid "fake news"?

 Whether it is for academic work or for your daily life, you are always looking for reliable information. Websites, scientific articles, images, videos, it is easy to fall into the trap! How do you sort out what is true and what is not? How can you distinguish between the real and the fake and make sure that the information you choose is of good quality and really corresponds to what you need, especially if you have to cite a source in a work?

To answer these questions, the Library offers you several alternatives:

Join the Rendez-vous de l'info scientifique to discover fact-checking tools and their uses:

  • Fake news: how to spot dubious content? (only in French)
  • 22 November, 12:15-13:15,  (Zoom)
    Online registration

Watch these two videos to learn how to avoid fake news:

October 30, 2022
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