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Where can I find the recommended resources in my subject area?

The collections of the University of Geneva Library are grouped by subject area in 4 sites and physically distributed in 9 locations open to the public:

  •     Uni Arve, 5 spaces dedicated to the sciences:
    •         Ernst & Lucie Schmidheiny Library (BELS, Science II): Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences
    •         Sauverny Observatory: Astronomy
    •         Battelle (Building D): Computer Science
    •         Georges de Rham Library (Conseil-Général): Mathematics
    •         Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE, Carl-Vogt): Environmental Sciences
  •     Uni Bastions, 2 spaces dedicated to literature and theology:
    •         Jura: Literature, Languages, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion
    •         Battelle: History, Art History, Musicology, East Asian Studies, Mesopotamian Studies, Egyptology, Classical Archaeology
  •     Uni CMU, 1 space dedicated to medicine and pharmaceutical sciences
  •     Uni Mail, 1 area dedicated to humanities and social sciences
You can locate these different areas on a map of the city from this page.


Resources by subject area

In addition, for each discipline, a dedicated thematic portal provides information and documentation on your teaching or study subjects. You will find online articles, ebooks, databases, new acquisitions in your discipline, dictionaries, online journals, etc.

Find all these portals online!

September 21, 2022
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