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InfoTrack: new video on Writing an academic paper in group

The UNIGE Library is pleased to inform you that InfoTrack, the information skills training platform has just been enriched with a new course module (quizzes, glossary, etc.) entitled "Writing an academic paper in group orThe art of working well together"

In this new humorous video, available in English (and in French), Anna and Fred, two UNIGE students, are confronted with a recurring problem in the university course: the management of work with several people. Today, mastering the tools adapted to the management and writing of collaborative work (tool for planning and distribution of tasks, shared agenda, collaborative writing tool, etc.) as well as communication within a group work have become essential skills for academic success.

If you are a Bachelor's or Master's student, InfoTrack will be useful to you at any time during your career, from preparing for documentary research to writing your academic work:

  •     Define a research question,
  •     Find documents adapted to your needs on swisscovery,
  •     Write an academic paper,
  •     Cite your sources correctly without plagiarizing,
  •     Create a bibliography,
  •     Prepare an oral presentation,
  •     etc.

The Library also offers a rich training program (online and face-to-face), the Rendez-vous de l'info scientifique, upon registration:

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March 8, 2023
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