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Open Access Publications

Open Access Publications is a new offer tested by the University of Geneva Library to provide a hosting and workflow management solution for Gold Open Access journals. The specialized open source software OJS (Open Journal Systems) was deployed on a server and a first review (Antibody Reports) was launched early Novembre 2018.

Open Access Publications provides the following services:

  • Online publication of issues and articles in Open Access
  • Assignment of DOI to each item
  • Static pages of presentation of the journal (field, editorial policy, scientific committee, rules for authors...)
  • Manuscript submission interface
  • Workflow management and archiving for the editorial process (sending manuscripts to reviewers, receiving reports, discussions with the editorial committee...)
  • Archiving and preservation through the Archive ouverte UNIGE
  • Indexing by search engines and scientific databases (Google Scholars, RERO Explore, BASE...)

Journals published by Open Access Publications

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