Open Access

Publication Fund

Following the adoption of the Swiss National Strategy on Open Access in January 2017, the Rectorate approved (04.12.2017) the creation of a central fund to cover part of the cost of publishing (Article Processing Charges or APCs) in Gold Open Access journals, or for books and books chapters that follow similar principles. The fund is available from 2018 for a pilot phase. Its management is entrusted to the Scientific Information Division (DIS).

The publication support fund can only be used on a subsidiary basis to any other funder, in particular the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). As the fund is limited, it is divided and distributed quarterly to ensure availability throughout the year.

Allocation criteria

In order to maximize its impact and usefulness the fund primarily supports young researchers. Applications for research funding must meet the following criteria :
  • The author of the publication (corresponding author or first author) is affiliated to the University of Geneva and mentions it in the publication.
  • This person is in the first term of his or her current position (employment in 2016 or later). Ordinary, full, visiting or emeritus professors are not eligible.
  • The fund covers half the amount of APC or BPC, but a maximum of CHF 1'000.00. The amounts up to CHF 500.00 are fully covered by the fund.
  • The financial contribution is limited to one publication per year and per person, on a “first come, first served” basis, unless sufficient fund is available.
  • For articles published in a journal, this has a peer-review or editorial review committee and must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), or be eligible to be listed.
  • The publisher of the journal or book guarantees immediate and free electronic access to the publication.
  • The publisher authorizes the deposit of the final version in the Archive ouverte UNIGE without embargo.
  • The fund does not cover costs for articles published in hybrid journals.
Funding request must be submitted through the form here below after the acceptation of the manuscript by the publisher. The DIS announces its decision within the shortest delay.

The beneficiary of the funding makes sure that the final version of the publication (Version of Record) is deposited in the repository Archive ouverte UNIGE as soon as published online.

Request for publication funding