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Open Access Publications

Open Access Publications is a service led by the Library of the University of Geneva to the UNIGE community, providing a solution for hosting and managing the manuscript submission and review processes for Gold Open Access journals, using the specialized OJS software (Open Journal Systems).

As part of a pilote phase ended in December 2020, the first journal Antibody Reports went online early Novembre 2018, followed by Connexe, Língua-Lugar, and Revue d'histoire contemporaire de l'Afrique. Since then, OAP has become a permanent offer of the Library and is offering the following services:

  • Online publication of issues and articles in Open Access
  • Assignment of DOI to each item
  • Static pages of presentation of the journal (field, editorial policy, scientific committee, rules for authors...)
  • Manuscript submission interface
  • Workflow management and archiving for the editorial process (sending manuscripts to reviewers, receiving reports, discussions with the editorial committee...)
  • Archiving and preservation through the PKP Preservation Network
  • Indexing by search engines and scientific databases (Google Scholar, swisscovery, BASE...)