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Open Access Publications

« Open Access Publications » is a service led by the Library of the University of Geneva and offering a hosting and workflow management solution for Gold Open Access journals on the specialized OJS (Open Journal Systems).

The first journal, Antibody Reports, was launched early Novembre 2018, and followed by Connexe, Língua-Lugar, and Revue d'histoire contemporaire de l'Afrique during the pilote phase ended December 2020. Afterwards, OAP has become a permanent service of the Library of the University of Geneva.

For the hosted journals, the Library of the University of Geneva provides the following services:

  • Online publication of issues and articles in Open Access
  • Assignment of DOI to each item
  • Static pages of presentation of the journal (field, editorial policy, scientific committee, rules for authors...)
  • Manuscript submission interface
  • Workflow management and archiving for the editorial process (sending manuscripts to reviewers, receiving reports, discussions with the editorial committee...)
  • Archiving and preservation through the Archive ouverte UNIGE and SAFE-PLN network.
  • Indexing by search engines and scientific databases (Google Scholar, swisscovery, BASE...)