Document supply service (ILL)

Uni Bastions - Uni Mail academic community

This service allows you to obtain a document (book, thesis, article, journal, etc.) that is not in Geneva libraries.

It provides :

  • original works (books, thesis, etc.) on temporary loan
  • copies of journal articles or book chapters.

It does not provide :

  • loan of rare or fragile documents
  • a full copy of a book or of a journal issue.

ILL service is available for :

  • students, teachers, PhD students, researchers and staff members of the UNIGE
  • to current multiservice card holders with a valid password.

If the User Account presents a litigation (books not returned, delay, fines), user must regularize his situation before making a request for interlibrary loan.

How to do ?

The document is not in Explore Geneva catalog? So :

1. You must search in the All RERO Explore catalog. Use the "Institutions" menu to switch from one catalog to another. change_institution.jpg
2. If the document is in the All RERO Explore catalog, click on the "Interlibrary Loan" button and log in to send your request. ill.jpg
3. If the document is not available in the All RERO Explore catalog, fill out the ILL application form.  


ILL service takes charge of the request and it is committed to bringing the document as soon as possible.

By completing the ILL application form, the requester loads his/her library to order the document from another library. He/she therefore undertakes to come to withdraw the document quickly and to respect the conditions of loan or consultation.


The deadline to obtain a document requested in ILL depends on the processing time of the request by the library owner and on postal delays.

For a document from a Swiss library :

  • the delivery time is between 3 and 10 days.

For a document from abroad :

  • the delivery time goes from 2 weeks to 1 month, maybe more.

Once the document is available at the UNIGE Library, Uni Bastions or Uni Mail sites, an availability notice is sent by email or by post (depending on the choice indicated on the order form).

Consultation and borrowing rules

The document remains at your disposal at the library reception desk until the deadline indicated on the availability notice.

The loan period and regulations are set by the library that owns the document. Some documents must be consulted in the reading room.

Copies are sent by email in pdf format or are to be withdrawn at the reception desk.

All reproductions, regardless of their provenance, are issued for the sole purpose of research or studies, devoid of any commercial purpose. By checking the box on the order form, the requester agrees to comply with the Federal copyright law.

A fee of CHF 10.- is charged for any non-collected ILL request.

Loan extension

For documents from RERO libraries, the loan can be extended online from the User Account according to the conditions of the library owner.

For documents from other Swiss or foreign libraries, a request for extension must reach the ILL service that processed the request few days before the deadline.

For Uni Bastions site :
send an email to biblio-bastions-peb(at)

For Uni Mail site :
send an email to biblio-mail-peb(at)


This service is free for members of the UNIGE (with an e-mail address, or @ and is funded by the UNIGE Scientif Information Division (DIS).

However, a fee of CHF 10.- is charged for any non-collected ILL request.