Document supply service (ILL)

Libraries (ILL)

Swiss or foreign libraries can obtain a document from the collections of the University of Geneva Library.

We can provide in interlibrary loan :

  • copies of documents (journal articles, book chapters, etc.)
  • documents on loan (books, multimedia, thesis, etc.).

How to apply for ILL ?

* Registration form for new libraries

Deadlines, loan period and extension


Sending within 48 hours (+ postal delays if applicable).

Loan period (books)

28 days.


3 extensions are possible as long as the document has not been requested by another user.

 Fees* Articles** Books
Documents sent to RERO or Renouvaud Library networks
CHF 5.-- CHF 2.--
Documents sent to other Swiss libraries
CHF 5.-- CHF 12.--
Documents sent to libraries abroad
CHF 15.-- or 1 IFLA voucher
3 IFLA vouchers

* These fees include the single amount of CHF 2.- charged by RERO for each order via ILLRERO
** The price is per 20 pages of the original. Ex. An article from 21 to 40 pages will cost 2x the mentioned price.