Document supply service (ILL)

Libraries (ILL)

>>> Due to the transition from the RERO network to the Swiss SLSP network, the interlibrary loan (ILL) service will be suspended from October 24 to December 6, 2020. During this period, the UNIGE Library will not be able to process ILL requests from other libraries. <<<

Swiss or foreign libraries can obtain a document from the collections of the University of Geneva Library.

We can provide in interlibrary loan :

  • copies of documents (journal articles, book chapters, etc.)
  • documents on loan (books, multimedia, thesis, etc.).

How to apply for ILL ?

* Registration form for new libraries

Deadlines, loan period and extension


Sending within 48 hours (+ postal delays if applicable).

Loan period (books)

28 days.


3 extensions are possible as long as the document has not been requested by another user.

 Fees* Articles** Books
Documents sent to RERO or Renouvaud Library networks
CHF 5.-- CHF 2.--
Documents sent to other Swiss libraries
CHF 5.-- CHF 12.--
Documents sent to libraries abroad
CHF 15.-- or 1 IFLA voucher
3 IFLA vouchers

* These fees include the single amount of CHF 2.- charged by RERO for each order via ILLRERO
** The price is per 20 pages of the original. Ex. An article from 21 to 40 pages will cost 2x the mentioned price.