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ORCID identifier

Optimize your ORCID profile to best showcase your research activity


Objectives :

  • Introductory session (15’) : To know the principles and advantages of having an ORCID profile and when and how to use it.
  • Advanced session (1h) : To have an up-to-date ORCID profile, listing your scientific contributions, which can be updated as automatically as possible.

Description : You would like to list your publications but also make visible the reviews you do and your other scientific contributions of various kind? You have homonyms and you want to make sure that your scientific contributions are correctly attributed to you? You wish to remain contactable even if you move to another institution? During these workshops, which can be followed independently, you will be able to review the advantages of having an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier), and/or learn how to create it and set up the associated ORCID profile so that it reflects your activity as a researcher.

Public: PhD, post-docs, faculty, administrative and technical staff


  • None for the introductory sessions.
  • For the advanced session, it is recommended to have attended an introductory session or to be familiar with the principles of ORCID identifiers.


  • online, via Zoom
  • 15-minute introduction, in French or in English
  • advanced session of 1h, in French or in English


  • the advantages of using an ORCID identifier
  • how ORCIDs work in the scientific publishing ecosystem
  • adding references to your ORCID profile (manually, in batch, ...)
  • setting the level of visibility of the different information in your profile
  • authorising trusted tiers/services to automatically update your profile (automatic addition of your new publications)
  • linking your ORCID identifier to other identifiers

Themes : ORCID ID, Open Science, online visibility

Registration required (see below)

Documents: will be made available to participants after the training