Rendez-vous de l'info scientifique

Predatory publishing

Identify (and avoid) predatory journals and conferences


Goal: Information to come

Description: Predatory Journals, with their suspicious methods and venal motivations, represent a hazard to scientific literature, to science integrity itself, and to scientists’ reputation. The next “Midi de l’info scientifique” of the UNIGE Library will focus on “Predatory Journals”, giving an overview of these questions, as well as presenting some tools to help you identify predatory journals and protect yourself against them.

Public: Researchers, teachers, PhD students, postdocs, administrative and technical staff of the UNIGE

Prerequisite: none


  • practical workshop of 45 min. (12 participants/session)
  • location in rooms equipped with computers; the participants can carry their own computers
  • in English if necessary

Subjects: Predatory Journals Editors, Article Publication Charges, Open Access, Article publication

Forthcoming sessions