Goal: Know the features of PubMed and improve the potential exhaustiveness of literature searches

Description : You already use PubMed but you are not sure that your literature searches are exhaustive or relevant enough?

This practical training workshop will allow you to use Pubmed in an optimal way.

Public : Students in Master, PhD, Post-Doc and Faculty in Sciences and Medicine

Prerequisite: none

Format: Practical training workshop of 90 min., upon registration


  • Evaluate adequacy of PubMed to documentation search needs, master basic features: simple search, filters, link to articles, saving results, My NCBI
  • Build a search equation using MeSH terms and advanced search, refine a search strategy or make it more exhaustive

Dates and registration: Tuesday 04 Sept.2018 CMU (in french), Thursday, 8 Nov 2018 CMU (in french). Registration compulsory (see below)

Subjects: PubMed, Biology and Biomedical Sciences

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