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SNSF Data Management Plan (DMP)

How to fill it and what information to include?


Goal: Analyze the key elements of the data management plan (DMP) required by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

Description: Every research project accepted by the SNSF must submit a completed DMP form. The aim of this workshop is to present the form and the various questions it contains, the answers that must be included, and the useful resources for conducting your research.

Public: Researchers, Post-doc, PhD students, UNIGE collaborators who have a project accepted by the SNSF

Prerequisite: none

Note: There is an another DMP training course for people who do not have FNS funding but need to submit such a document to CUREG.


  • online
  • 90-minute-workshop
  • in French and English


  • About research data
  • Research requirements
  • DMP issues
  • Services available to you

Questions from the DMP of the SNsF will be adressed, with the help of use-cases.

Subjects: DMP, Data Management Plan, SNSF