The Bioimaging Team

The Bioimaging Center - CryoGEnic was founded in 2019 by an initiative of Prof. Robbie Loewith, Prof. Paul Guichard, Prof. Andreas Boland and Dr. Christoph Bauer. It is a common platform of the Faculty of Sciences and iGE3. Under the auspices of the iGE3, it is mainly supported by the Section of Biology and the Biochemistry Department. The Center is open to the entire scientific and biomedical community of the Geneva academic landscape.

It is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art equipment and technology for electron and cryo-electron microscopy. Specialists offer advice and guidance for each step of your imaging project starting from experimental approach to data analysis.


TEM / Cryo TEM Offer

The Bioimaging Center - CryoGEnic is providing help at different levels

  • Advice for experimental approach and design
  • Guidance for sample preparation (negative staining, plunge-feezing)
  • Supervision and guidance for the use of the electron and cryo-electron microscopes
  • Training : New users are trained on the instruments until they become independent
  • Data analysis and quantification using dedicated software and GPU workstations
  • We establish methods for ultrastructural analysis of cells and tissues. In addition we offer different pre- and post-embedding immunolabeling protocols as well as negative staining

The center is equipped with bench space that is available to users of our service.

Available upon request

  • Fees and prices
  • Design and optimization of protocols for complex experiments and applications
  • Alternative forms of services

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