54 hours of lectures/practicals


Workshop over 2 weeks (9 days / 6H per day)


The objective of this course combining theory and hands-on is to give students a theoretical and practical introduction into different electron microscopes including specimen preparation and image analysis. At the end of this course, students should have an overview and broadened knowledge on using electron microscopy for their research projects


Bioimaging Center, Sciences II, room 245

Number of credits



  • BAUER Christoph Ruediger, biologiste/chargé de cours
  • SADIAN Yashar, collaborateur scientifique
  • LOUBERY Sylvain, biologiste/chargé de cours
  • BOSSET Jérôme, adjoint scientifique
  • MARTIGNIER Anne, adjoint scientifique
  • MARTINI Rossana, Professeur
  • Invited speakers


  1. Physical basis of electron microscopy
  2. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) : Theory and practical sessions
  3. Specimen prepration for TEM: Theory and practical session using test samples and selected student samples
  4. Ultramicrotome: introduction and sectioning
  5. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) : Theory and practical session
  6. 3D electron microscopy
  7. Immuno-labeling procedures for electron microscopy
  8. Negative staining: Theory and practical session
  9. Cryo-TEM: Theory and practical session
  10. Image analysis and reconstruction basics


Written exam

Additional information(s)

1 course proposed every year, Spring (March/April) semester.

Course given in English, « cours à choix » open to 3rd year Biology, Biochemistry or Pharmacy students, master students and graduate students. In order to be accepted students interested to take this course need to send a letter of motivation (by e-mail) at least six weeks before its start.