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A Better Approach to Child Work – edited by Edward van Daalen and Mohamed Al-Rozzi

The articles on children and work that were recently published on Beyond Trafficking and Slavery (openDemocracy) in a special seriesare now combined and published as an e-book. 

The editors of the series and of the e-book are Edward van Daalen and Mohamed Al-Rozzi, who were collaborators at the Centre for Children’s rights Studies and who have each written their PhD in the field of child labour.

The collection of short articles addresses a wide range of themes that are at the centre of the debate on children, work, and education. The publication’s objective is to start an inclusive conversation on how best to support children in realizing their aspirations. The articles contain a wealth of ideas on how to think about and engage with child workers differently.

Preferred citation: Van Daalen, E. and Al-Rozzi, M. (Eds.) (2022) A better approach to child work. London: Beyond Trafficking and Slavery/openDemocracy.


You can download the publication here.

16 août 2022
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