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Child Labour and Education in the Gaza Strip

In December 2017 Mohammed Alrozzi successfully defended his thesis titled: ‘Children’s Work and Education in the Context of Political Activism, State building, and Foreign Aid: The Case of the Gaza Strip’. His research was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Veronique Pache Huber (University of Fribourg) and Prof. Karl Hanson (Centre for Children’s Rights Studies, University of Geneva) and was sponsored by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI (Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship).
His thesis explores ideals of childhood, work and education across three subsequent generations and political cohorts in the Palestinian context. Ethnography and archival research were used to get in-depth understanding of the motives behind work and education and of how these were shaped by political activism, state building process, and foreign aid.
The Centre for Children’s Rights Studies wholeheartedly congratulates Dr. Alrozzi and wishes him all the best for his promising future career.
28 décembre 2017
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