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Join us at the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies from the University of Geneva, in Bramois (Sion), to explore the concept of the Children’s Relational Well-Being, from December 11 to December 14.

Organized in partnership with the Children's Understandings of Well-Being Network (CUWB), the four-day international conference aims to explore the concept of Children’s Relational Well-Being.

In a multinational discussion forum setting, experts from all around the world will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and discuss the challenges children are currently facing in terms of relational well-being, in global and local contexts. Moreover, participants will work together to identify the best qualitative approaches for this new research area.

Indeed, the well-being of children and youths is an expanding international and transdisciplinary field of research. As such, it has gained increasing importance within debates in educational, social sciences and politics and has raised new questions regarding epistemological, methodological perspectives and approaches. And more specifically, on the normativity of the concept of well-being itself and the ways children’s subjective understandings and experiences of well-being can be integrated into the research.

In this context, and in order to help develop a better understanding of the concept of Children’s Relational Well-being and its challenges, the research conference will focus on three key issues:

  • What are children’s perspectives on relational well-being ? Especially in the context of critical family transitions and the relational experience of children’s rights.
  • What are the implications of the perceptions about climate change on the social process of children’s experiences and understandings of well-being, and childhood as a generational position?
  • And, finally, how do these qualitative experiences and social processes relate to local economic, political and social contexts?

A word about the CUWB ( : The Children's Understandings of Well-Being - global and local contexts (CUWB) is a research project that aims to interrogate from children's perspectives the meanings of well-being and examines how children experience dimensions of well-being from a comparative and global perspective. Through a network of researchers across the globe who act as hubs to undertake qualitative fieldwork within their country, the CUWB explores the importance of local, regional and national social, political and cultural contexts on these meanings and experiences, via comparative national analysis.


These four days of scientific exchange will be divided into presentations on various aspects of the child’s relational well-being and discussion spaces. The sessions will be held in English.

Download the programme in PDF format



In a spirit of inclusion, the conference will be opening its doors to the general public. Professionals and students with experience or an interest in the field of children’s rights are welcome to attend the various presentations and participate in the discussion forums.

The number of places available being limited, people wishing to attend the conference must register in advance!

Participation in this event is free. Expenses related to travel, accommodation and meals must be covered by each participant. No funding is available for these expenses.

If you wish to register, please contact ludivine.richner(at)

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28 novembre 2019
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