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Lakatos, Özlem

Özlem Lakatos

Assistante doctorante

+41 (0) 27 205 73 24

Özlem Lakatos is a PhD Candidate and Research/Teaching Assistant at the Center for Children’s Rights Studies of the University of Geneva for the Prof. Philip D. Jaffé, Director of the Center and member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. She is also the co-supervisor of students' internships of the Master in Children’s Rights Studies. 

Originally from Hauts-de-France, Özlem has an interdisciplinary background oriented towards international affairs and human rights. She attended universities in France, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium. She studied law and political science at the University of Amiens (Bachelor / Licence in 2013) and University of Moncton (Master / Maîtrise with honors in 2014), followed by European and Global studies at the University of Geneva and Free University of Brussels (Master of Arts in 2016). 

During her studies in Canada, she worked as a research and teaching assistant for the introductory course of Political Science of Prof. Christophe Traisnel. She also worked as a French language assistant at the Free University of Brussels. She later gained practical experiences in the field of human rights by working as a trainee at the Permanent Mission of the International Organization of La Francophonie to United Nations in Geneva and at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Following, Özlem was a Junior research analyst at the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) of the French Ministry of Defense in Paris.

Active in children’s rights, she did several related volunteering experiences with NGO’s in the region of Thiès in Senegal and in the province of Varna in Bulgaria.

 By taking a gender and postcolonial approach, her doctoral research focuses on the rights of the girl-child at the international level as being at the crossroads of women's rights and children's rights.



  • Human Rights / Children’s Rights / Women’s Rights
  • Gender studies 
  • Postcolonial studies 
  • Feminist legal studies
  • Global and transnational history
  • Advocacy and activism for human rights 
  • International and European organizations  



 Jaffé, Ph.D & Lakatos, Ö. (in preparation). Children marching towards total participation. 

 Hoefflin, G.,Jaffé, Ph.D. & Lakatos, Ö. (2018). Le chemin de vie et les droits de l’enfant handicapé. 62 pages. Actes du Colloque, Centre interfacultaire en droits de l’enfant, UNIGE: Sion.

 Jaffé, Ph.D., Hitz, N., Zermatten, J., Langenegger Roux, N., Lakatos, Ö., Nanchen, Ch., Riva Gapany, P., & Moody, Z. (2018). Les droits de l’enfant en situations de migration en Suisse: Protection, Prestations, Participation. 170 pages. Actes du Colloque, Centre interfacultaire en droits de l’enfant, UNIGE: Sion.



Lakatos, Ö. (2019). « La rhétorique de la victimisation en droits humains », research seminar of the Institute of Gender Studies, University of Geneva (Switzerland). 

Lakatos, Ö. (2018). « Droits de l’enfant et intersectionnalité », research seminar of the Institute of Gender Studies, University of Geneva (Switzerland).



Co-organizer with the NGO Enfant du Monde of the conference « Droits des enfants et droits des femmes dans la coopération au développement : champ de tension ou synergies ? », Geneva, June 2019.

Committee Member of the organizing committee of international conferences of the Center for Children Rights Studies of UNIGE, HEP-VS and HES-SO :

Member of the Institute of Gender Studies of the University of Geneva. 

Member of the Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SAGS).



Co-founder of the association « Trente Ans de Droits de l’Enfant » with the Prof. Philip D. Jaffé and Dr. h. c. Jean Zermatten.

Member of the Global Shaper Community, an initiative of the Word Economic Forum (2018 -).

Former Youth Representative of the city of Amiens, France (2012-2014) 

Former Youth Representative of the region of Picardie, France (2011-2015). 

Corps des collaborateur-trice-s de l'enseignement et de la recherche