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Solange Denervaud

PhD Student

+41 22 379 08 95

Institution : University of Geneva
Discipline : Neuroscience
Supervisor : E. Gentaz
Thesis topic : To understand the impact of pedagogical inputs on brain development and understand how the emotions are related to academic and social outcomes.

General Information

After an AMI Montessori Diploma as well as 4 years of teaching experience (Ecole Montessori Vevey), observing children evolving in a Montessori environment was so fascinating that I decided to start a scientific career to better understand this process. After my EPFL Bioengineering Diploma, I joined the Affective Sciences doctoral program to study the impact of the learning environment on both emotional and cognitive development. My thesis is part of the Focus Development, and is supervised by Prof. Edouard Gentaz (UNIGE) and Prof. Micah Murray (CHUV).

We will focus on children aging from 4 to 12 years old with several projects. One of them will isolate different aspects of teaching, and evaluate their impact through behavioral tasks as well as neuroimagery (EEG and MRI). For example, peer-to-peer teaching, autonomy, etc.


Current Research

  • Behavioral comparison of cognitive, emotional and social competences between children from traditional vs Montessori schools.
  • EEG study on attention and mutli-sensory processes

Alumni and Former Members