Natalia Fernandez Clares



Institution : University of Geneva
Discipline : Neuroscience
Thesis topic : Examine the power of music to influence motor, cognitive and affective functions and the underlying neural substrate of these effects (fMRI).
Supervisor : P. Vuilleumier

NCCR position : PhD Student
NCCR PI : P. Vuilleumier


I did my BSc degree in Biology at University of Lausanne and specialized in Neuroscience during my MSc degree in Medical Biology. I conducted my Master Thesis at the Psychiatric Neuroscience Center (Cery Hospital) in the group of Dr. Geneviève Leuba. In this project, we were interested in the identification of pathological biomarkers in the human cerebral cortex and the comparison between Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral aging. We used different techniques of cellular imaging like DAB and fluorescent immunohistochemistry. After graduating, I worked at EPFL in Prof. Olaf Blanke’s lab (LNCO) as a research assistant. The project involved the bidirectional influences of action on perception and how these affect agency and embodiment. We employed virtual reality and 7T fMRI measures.

Current Research

I am involved in a PhD project on Music under the supervision of Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier. The main objective of my research is to identify, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), brain circuits activated during particular tasks and test for the modulation by music processing and the related emotional experience. My current study intend to evaluate the impact of music-based multitask training on cognitive function and the change in brain circuits.